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Coaching is a professional partnership and a process of discovery, awareness, and designing action for the purpose of helping you grow and realize your full potential – to emerge from bud to blossom.

It’s a lot to navigate alone, and a trusted coach can help you to get and stay on track.

  “And the day came when the energy to remain tight in a bud became more than the energy to blossom.” 
— Anais Nin

As your coach, I will help you deepen your self-awareness, unlock your self-knowing, and live your life with more intention. 

I trust that my clients are experts in their own lives and that each of them is creative, resourceful, and whole. I am honored to provide a safe, compassionate place for my clients to explore what is significant and meaningful, as well as what is getting in the way of leading the life they desire.

I offer both personal and executive coaching packages, as well as Enneagram typing sessions. Are you curious about working together? Schedule a complimentary call for us to get to know each other. Already a client? Feel free to book your next appointment.

Words from clients ...

“I've been coached by Elke off and on for the past two and a half years and could not recommend her more! She has taught me ways to increase my self-awareness, identify and observe patterns and behaviors that I want to change, and provided guidance and structure to help hold me accountable. Elke also possesses a deep knowledge of the enneagram and helped to navigate my initial enneagram results and identify my core type. We then incorporated the enneagram as a tool in our coaching sessions. If you are looking for a method to gain self-insight and grow (personally and/or professionally) Coaching with Elke is a smart option!”

Andrew D

“What makes Elke a fantastic coach is the special combination of attributes she brings to her client relationships. She’s easy to talk to, she listens to what you’re communicating that goes to the heart of the matter, and she’s able to connect the dots between real life, tools like the Enneagram, and her own corporate experience. She’s an ideal balance of empathy, reflection, encouragement, and pragmatism.”

Matt F

Coaching with Elke was a unique and impactful experience for me, both professionally and personally. This style of coaching is not "executive". It is not limited to work scenarios. It's about mind, body and spirit. It's about your experience as a human who wants to learn how to deal with conflict, how to handle tricky situations with compassion, how to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and grow. 

Elke's way of asking questions empowers you to investigate not just the source of the disconnect at work, but how our professional lives are not divorced from our personal ones. I had so many "aha" moments with Elke that just 8 weeks of coaching helped me pivot toward new ways of doing things. Thank you for the invitation to be thoughtful and process through to new and better ways of being!

Laura C

“Working with Elke has been so valuable in growing as a leader and identifying strengths and areas of growth in myself and our agency. She created a safe space and encouraged personal reflection which increased awareness of my role on a team and as a leader.”

Lainie W

 “Safety is not the absence of threat; it is the presence of connection.” 
— Gabor Maté

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