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Other Offerings

I love working with organizations who are serious about cultural change and inclusion. They are an excellent match with my philosophy of living and leading with intention. 


As a consultant, I am adept at supporting leaders to identify development priorities for themselves and their teams and to navigate transformation with clarity and purpose.

Parental Leave Coaching

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As a parental leave coach, I use a proven approach to put tools and resources in the hands of expectant and new parents – as well as their managers and organizations. I partner with both individual parents and with organizations who recognize the value of retaining employees who become parents. It is exciting to support the massive transition from the role of “worker” to “working parent.” 

This work fulfills me by meeting me at the intersection of my passions as a People and Culture leader, a coach, and a mom.

“ I am so grateful for the coaching I received from Elke while planning for my parental leave and then transitioning back to work as a new parent. She is a great listener who responds with compassion and without judgment. Elke helped me with resources as I prepared for my leave, and after my son came. Her support helped me stay present during this major life transition. During a time when a lot of focus is dedicated to baby, I really valued the space and care that Elke offered to me.”

Nora B

People and Culture Consulting

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Through my 20-year career in HR and People and Culture, leading organizations through cultural transformations has been my most meaningful work. As a consultant, I partner with executives and boards to make their aspirational cultures come to life.


Employee engagement, performance management, leadership and team development are a few of my areas of expertise.  

“I had read about the power of caring leadership, but had yet to see the incredible results this caring philosophy can yield until I met Elke. I was fortunate to have Elke as a project sponsor for a critical, multi-phase project and witnessed first hand how her caring approach had a positive impact on team engagement, learning, task outcomes, and overall satisfaction. Her leadership created an environment of safety and trust that empowered her people to push their efforts beyond what they thought possible and allowed her to ask the tough questions without anyone becoming defensive. This has been a valuable learning experience that will stay with me for the rest of my career.”

Omar O

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